Everyone has lived a great love, but few have had a second chance.

T he writer’s debut book is based on the author’s story of love and forgiveness between him and his wife. Besides the romance, the book is also a journey full of details throughout Europe.

This is the story of Isaac, a young student who left Brazil to study in Portugal. When he notices that his ex-girlfriend Luisa is in Spain, he makes a visit and finds out that he still loves her. Now, he is going to Barcelona for the New Year’s Eve with her and new friends, where he finds himself torn between Luisa and his current girlfriend, between enjoying the opportunity and the fear of hurting her again, between being happy and feeling alone. With a student’s budget, Isaac has less than three days to make the decision that can change his life.

M any works of fiction depict various elements of the reality through real characters, focused on a defined time and space. When literature immortalizes a love story, the conjunction between imagination and truthfulness always yields great stories. This, and more, is in "Kiss me in Barcelona", the first novel by Fabio Paiva Reis, which was released in July, 2017. The publication was awarded a grand from the Call of Production and Dissemination of Literary Works, from Funcultura 2016, of the Secretary of State for Culture of Espirito Santo.

Inspired after living for two years in Portugal and finishing his Doctorate in History, Fabio decided to record the details of this experience through the main character, Isaac. The story begins with a New Year's Eve in Barcelona, ​​in which he discovers that his ex-girlfriend Luísa is in Spain and tries to win her back at the same time that he finds himself divided by having a girlfriend who lives in Brazil. With a student budget, Isaac has less than three days to make the decision that can change his life.

Among the various comings and goings of the character, some of the most beautiful scenes in Europe are reconstituted by the wealth of details that the writer presents during the novel. Similarities with the classic "Persuasion" of the English writer Jane Austen are present by the simple and well elaborated narrative. Any and all Platonic sentiment is easily recognized for anyone reading the work.

Strongly influenced by events, the writer claims that any resemblance to reality is not mere coincidence. "The book emphasizes the relationship with my wife Thais. We stayed six years apart and then we met again in Europe and everything happened in a very romantic and unusual way. Since we met again, we hear people say that our story is worthy of a book," explains Fabio.


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