Meet Maurício Perin, artist responsible for the cover of Kiss me in Barcelona

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28 de April de 2017
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Meet Maurício Perin, artist responsible for the cover of Kiss me in Barcelona

Mauricio Perin is a visual designer and illustrator, with one foot in the digital games industry, and lives in Curitiba, PR.

I and Maurício go way back. Our history is ancient.

We met in 2004 at the Toca ES – Conselho Branco, a discussion group on The Lord of the Rings. Thanks to the common taste for fantastic literature, and also for History (another passion of ours!), We remained friends and communicating even after he went to Curitiba and I to São Paulo.

Thirteen years ago Mauricio already stood out in our meetings, taking his illustrations for us to evaluate. They were beautiful. At the time he was also responsible for making the Toca ES logo, which was used for many years. Later, in Curitiba, he began to invest in other areas, including the creation of digital games, where he was quite successful.

The moment I decided to publish Kiss me in Barcelona independently, I had no doubt who I would like to make the cover of the book. We talked on the internet and then we met in person to talk about the old days and the new ones. He was very excited to participate in such a personal project of mine, and I was excited to have such a fantastic illustrator working with me.

Cover of Kiss me in Barcelona



Mauricio Perin was born in the 80’s, spent a good part of his 90′ s in Venda Nova do Imigrante – ES, and graduated in 2010 from UFPR, in Curitiba-PR. He is a visual designer, working with vis dev, illustration and other visual disciplines from the creation of digital games to institutional graphic design. He founded, as conceptual artist and visual researcher, the Aduge Studio, responsible for the award-winning Qasir al-Wasat game. In recent years he has been publishing digital games with Zueira Digital, and has navigated the winds of design and illustrations with clients scattered throughout Brazil, participating in projects developed through detailed research and dedicated conceptualization.

His illustrations and projects can be seen in the portfolio of his studio, VIS\DEV.

Fabio Paiva Reis é historiador, doutor pela Universidade do Minho, em Portugal. Natural de Vitória, Espírito Santo, voltou para o Brasil em meados de 2013, quando começou a se dedicar a projetos pessoais. Escreveu “Beije-me em Barcelona”, seu primeiro romance, e foi premiado em um Edital do Funcultura 2016, da Secult-ES. Fotógrafo amador e nerd assumido, Fabio é casado com Thais, com quem tem duas lindas gatas, Jade e Mimi.

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