Meet Kyanja Lee, the reviewer who made my book even better

Kiss me in Barcelona is selected in a Cultural Grant from Culture Secretariat of Espirito Santo
22 de November de 2016
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8 de May de 2017
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Meet Kyanja Lee, the reviewer who made my book even better

Kyanja Lee is a reviewer (professional critical reader), editor, original writer and responsible for the Portuguese review of Kiss Me in Barcelona.

When I learned that I had won the award from the State Secretariat for Culture of Espírito Santo, one of the first things I did was to find a good professional to do the final review of the book. At that time, still interested in publishing the book through a publisher on demand, I was thinking of making a package that included all the services.

So, dreaming of seeing my book in several bookstores and being a bestseller, I went to talk with my friend Rosana Rios who, besides being a good friend, is a unique writer, with over a hundred books published and with a very recent Jabuti Award (a Brazilian Oscar for Literature). She (and many others!) Discouraged me from publishing the book by a publisher on demand, and reviewing my book with a quality professional, who would give me a good result. This person would be Kyanja Lee, whom she considered the most competent to help me. So, I asked if she would read my book and give me her opinion, and that’s when she told me: “Of course I will read, but after Kyanja revises it.”

I found her on Facebook. We exchanged some messages, we added each other. From the beginning she was a very nice and positive person. Professionally, I already had the best of references and I had no doubt that she would do a great job, and would give me a Kiss in Barcelona even better. As soon as I received the prize amount, I sent the final text. She worked quickly and methodically, returning the text with several proposals for correction, modification, and productive comments so that I could complete the book.

I was extremely pleased. I do not think I could have found someone better. And on the same day that I received the revised text, I sent the book to Rosana, who agreed to read it immediately. This confidence in Kyanja’s work passed on to me and I would like to pass it on, recommending the work of this great person.


Kyanja Lee is a reviewer (professional critique reader), editor, original writer, as well as ghost writer and biographer. Graduated in Social Communication from ESPM, with a specialization in English Language and Literature, she always seeks to keep abreast of the publishing market, where she has been successful since 2007. She has already performed critical readings, preparation, editing or revision for dozens of authors in various works , many of which are commercially available.

Her website is:

Fabio Paiva Reis é historiador, doutor pela Universidade do Minho, em Portugal. Natural de Vitória, Espírito Santo, voltou para o Brasil em meados de 2013, quando começou a se dedicar a projetos pessoais. Escreveu “Beije-me em Barcelona”, seu primeiro romance, e foi premiado em um Edital do Funcultura 2016, da Secult-ES. Fotógrafo amador e nerd assumido, Fabio é casado com Thais, com quem tem duas lindas gatas, Jade e Mimi.

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