Meet Daniela Huerta, designer of Kiss me in Barcelona!

Meet Maurício Perin, artist responsible for the cover of Kiss me in Barcelona
8 de May de 2017
Meet Mariana Costa, responsible for our social media campaigns!
27 de June de 2017
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Meet Daniela Huerta, designer of Kiss me in Barcelona!

Daniela Huerta is a designer with a degree from UFES. She is owner, Director of Art and photographer of SeedPixel.

Daniela Huerta is an old friend, whom I met through the Toca ES -Conselho Branco, a discussion group on The Lord of the Rings, of which I have been a member since 2003 – the same case, for example, of Maurício Perin, responsible for the book cover.

Graduated in Industrial Design at UFES, Daniela has always been an artistic person, and today she publishes fantastic photos on the internet, in addition to working at her company SeedPixel, as a photographer and art director.

For years I have tried to work with her, waiting for the opportunity through an grant that would allow me to develop art and to diagram products. So, being selected in the 2016 Funcultura’s Call for Production and Dissemination of Literary Works, it finally allowed us to be together, professionally, to do something nice.

It was hard work and tight deadline, but she helped me with all her strength and with her infinite ability to surprise me. We exchanged late-night conversations, did a lot of things together and we were able to send a final file of which I am very proud and I am very happy to have chosen this dear friend to work with me! I am sure that the layout of the book will impress my readers by their delicacy and daring. Wait for it!


Daniela Huerta is a native of Guarapari-ES and graphic designer graduated from Ufes since 2008. In 2013, she decided to venture out as a freelancer, creating her own company – SeedPixel – and in the same year, with the encouragement of her friends, she bought her first camera. During those 4 years she improved her vision and faced the most diverse challenges in both areas. In photography, what most enchant her until today is photographing nature, but she also ended up falling in love with capturing human emotions. With Brazilian heart and Chilean blood, her works are marked by feeling, detail and a lot of samba in the Andes. If she could, she would have a headset 24 hours a day, because she does not live without music. One of her dreams is to write a book. Who knows, maybe the opportunity is approaching?

Fabio Paiva Reis é historiador, doutor pela Universidade do Minho, em Portugal. Natural de Vitória, Espírito Santo, voltou para o Brasil em meados de 2013, quando começou a se dedicar a projetos pessoais. Escreveu “Beije-me em Barcelona”, seu primeiro romance, e foi premiado em um Edital do Funcultura 2016, da Secult-ES. Fotógrafo amador e nerd assumido, Fabio é casado com Thais, com quem tem duas lindas gatas, Jade e Mimi.

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