27 de November de 2017

Kiss me in Barcelona now available internationally!

Through Kindle KDP, Kiss Me in Barcelona can now be purchased in various parts of the world. That’s it! Do you live outside Brazil? Buy it at Amazon, and the book goes to your house quickly! Formerly called the Kindle Cloud Space, this Amazon program acts as an on-demand publisher. […]
27 de November de 2017

Playlist for Kiss me in Barcelona!

Welcome to the Playlist for Kiss me in Barcelona! This playlist features some of the great classics of 2011, the year the trip took place, and follows, chapter by chapter, what happens in the book. Play the songs through the youtube window and click on the chapters and song names […]
27 de November de 2017

Barcelona Photo Gallery

Welcome to the official photo gallery of Kiss Me in Barcelona! Here you will find photos that were really taken on the trip that gave birth to the book Kiss me in Barcelona! This wonderful tour happened in the last days of December 2011, almost two months after the author […]
27 de November de 2017

Interactive Map of Kiss me in Barcelona!

Welcome to the Interactive Map with the places visited in the book Kiss me in Barcelona, by Fabio Paiva Reis! This Map was made at the request of the first readers, who were in love with the journey made by the characters of the book. To bring the readers closer […]
15 de July de 2017

Meet Lívia Corbellari, responsible for our press office!

When I was selected in the Call for Production and Dissemination of Literary Works of the State Secretariat of Culture of Espirito Santo, I knew that the counterpart of the grant involved disclosure. Everything that is produced with the support of Secult must be disclosed in the press, but this […]
27 de June de 2017

Meet Mariana Costa, responsible for our social media campaigns!

Mariana and I have known each other for many years. My wife’s best friend, she accepted my invitation to move to São Paulo years ago, where we worked together for some time at the Brazilian Coaching Society, before returning to Espirito Santo. At that time, I met Mariana’s superpowers in […]
16 de May de 2017

Meet Daniela Huerta, designer of Kiss me in Barcelona!

Daniela Huerta is an old friend, whom I met through the Toca ES -Conselho Branco, a discussion group on The Lord of the Rings, of which I have been a member since 2003 – the same case, for example, of Maurício Perin, responsible for the book cover. Graduated in Industrial […]
8 de May de 2017

Meet Maurício Perin, artist responsible for the cover of Kiss me in Barcelona

I and Maurício go way back. Our history is ancient. We met in 2004 at the Toca ES – Conselho Branco, a discussion group on The Lord of the Rings. Thanks to the common taste for fantastic literature, and also for History (another passion of ours!), We remained friends and […]
28 de April de 2017

Meet Kyanja Lee, the reviewer who made my book even better

When I learned that I had won the award from the State Secretariat for Culture of Espírito Santo, one of the first things I did was to find a good professional to do the final review of the book. At that time, still interested in publishing the book through a […]